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It is a great time to visit our area! Enjoy the great outdoors. Sit in the hot tub or by the fire pit. TURNER FALLS TROUT FISHING BEGINS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22ND AND GOES THROUGH SPRING. BRING YOU OKLAHOMA FISHING LICENSE OR PURCHASE ONE AT ANY WALMART. PAY $15.00 TO TROUT FISH AND YOU MAY TAKE HOME UP TO 5 FISH PER DAY OF FISHING! Visit Bedre Chocolate Factory and watch through the huge glass viewing area and see how chocolates are made while sampling their fine chocolates. Shop and eat in our unique shops and restaurants on Main Street or shop just off Main at Stillwater Milling, one of Oklahoma's largest Brighton retailers. ZIPLINE THROUGH THE ARBUCKLE MOUNTAINS AT AIR DONKEY ZIPLINE. CALL 580-369-5010 FOR RESERVATIONS.

We would like to welcome our newest Davis Chamber members for 2015!

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Explore the Ancient Arbuckle Mountains in Southern Oklahoma!

History of the Arbuckle Mountains (The Heart of Chickasaw Country)

Before the Rockies and Sierras were formed the Arbuckle Mountains were in existence. Scientists say they were probably over 20,000 feet tall at one time!Arbuckle Oklahoma bison


Over 200 million years old, they are the some of the oldest mountains in America. The Arbuckle Mountains have been severely denuded as a result of millions of years of erosion. The mountains now appear as a moderately dissected, low plateau.


This region was once covered by a vast ocean and the remnants are still found on the beaches and in the rock with fossils and sea shells. The calcium-rich bodies of dead sea organisms also formed thick limestone layers; in some areas, limestone and shale deposits reach thickness of up to two miles DinosaursHoney Creek - Oklahoma once inhabited this region and skeletal remains have been found and are displayed at local museums like the Goddard Youth Museum here in Murray County.


During the Permian Era, the region's crust was forced upward, presumably by the Arbuckle Orogeny (uplift event). The force of this upheaval was so great that many of the sandstone, shale and limestone layers were broken and folded, creating large anticlines. Along with the folding process. River Bend Lodge riverThis upward thrust formed the Arbuckle Mountains.


The Arbuckle Mountains have always been a source of wonder for geology students and rock enthusiasts. The outcroppings of rocks you will see if you drive Interstate 35 and Highway 77, look like rows of tombstones!


The next time you enjoy a day in the Arbuckles at Turner Falls or Arbuckle LakeRiver Bend Lodge pond, imagine walking in dinosaur footsteps and exploring gigantic mountains of centuries ago.


Come enjoy our mild Winter, spectacular Spring, warm Summer and awesome Fall. Year-round, Davis Oklahoma and Murray County is the place to be!

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