4D Cowboy Pasture Golf




Friday 8am - 8pm

Saturday 8am - 8pm

Sunday 1pm - 8pm


Additional hours available, please call 580-369-8896 for reservations. 



Complete a Pasture Style 11 Hole Golf Course utilizing an array of equipment.

Tennis Balls, Baseball Bats, Tennis Rackets, Soccer Balls & more.


Course Special Instructions:

Hole #1: Hit 2 balls (tennis balls) & use the furthest shot.
Hole #4: Use a tennis racket (make hole in 2 to win sponsored prize)
Hole #6: Kick Soccer Ball
Hole #9: Tee off with Baseball Bat
Hole 11: Beat the hole in 2 shots to win a FREE ROUND

Women & Children 12 & Under move
10 steps forward on every hole.

Kids Course Also Available

Pricing : 

12 & under $5 / round
12+ $10 / round




Each hole sponsored by local business to win a HOLE IN ONE prize.

Sponsored by:

Smokin' Joes
The Ranch House
Beyond Blessed Coffee Roasters
Pizza Hut of Davis
GP Rents
Riverbottom Campground
zzz Zipline
Stillwater Milling Co.
The Bistro
Fat Bully's
4D Cowboy Pasture Golf




Connect with us:

Phone: 580-369-8896


6941 Poolville Rd

Hennepin, Ok 73444


16 Miles West of I-35 Davis / Sulphur Exit 51 on Hwy 7,

Turn South on Poolville Rd.

Located on West side of Poolville Rd.